Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HW for wednesday. 3d

Planar Study

1. Four Sketches using only planes. (Bristol, Chipboard, Hot glue)

2. You can use straight planes, bent planes, curved planes (2D), and twisting planes (3d). You can use as many pieces as you want, but have to use at least 5 elements.

3. The first must represent and animal, the second a person in action, the third a monster or spaceship, and the fourth of your choice.

4. They dont all have to be connected, be conscious of the negative space, use a base if neccesary.
Remember the Sam and Josh show in class...When is negative space too much....when is it too little....

5. These should not be representational versions of your ideas chosen....The should capture the energy, the grace, and or the gesture... There should be a strong feeling of the object or action chosen. No representational details!!!

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